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Insight Coaching is based on the idea that fundamental change requires that the individual(s) must go through the same shifts of mind or consciousness that they want for their personal and organizational relationships. Notwithstanding the many fine off-the-shelf transition processes available, it is the human element in change, including the acquisition of so-called "soft skills," that ultimately determines how effective a change process will be. This is especially true of those who play or wish to play a leadership role in their organization and who want to form part of the critical mass required for quantum change.

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Employing his vast experience as both organizational executive and therapist, and using state-of-the-art human change technology (such as William Glasser’s Choice Theory and NLP made popular by Tony Robbins) Rick Jackson uses the Jackson Method to facilitate professionals, leaders and anyone interested in sustainable change to bring hidden blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs and behaviors to the surface and to release them in a simple, quick, gentle and graceful way.”

Many of the processes Rick employs were originally designed to assist high performance athletes. These processes have been modified to assist people from virtually any walk of life to identify and release limiting beliefs and attitudes that may be impeding maximum performance. Many report the results in their personal and professional lives to be truly “transformational.”
Framed as hidden core constrictions rather than as behavioral “problems” the client quickly comes to appreciate that the obstacles to their becoming “all they can be” are within themselves and with the assistance of an experienced coach, they can be released.

While the specific objectives of Insight Coaching are customized to fit each client’s situation, it is typical for clients to expect:

  • the shifting of automatic reactions (and accompanying anxieties) that get in the way of developing and implementing collaborative skills and behaviors with others;
  • the creation of more positive interactions with others by assisting the client to decrease passive or aggressive-defensive behaviors and focus on constructive behaviors;
  • a focus on realistic achievements that will enhance and deepen a sense of satisfaction, meaning and purpose in carrying out professional responsibilities and in interactions with others;

Additional positive outcomes reported by clients have included lessening of the experience of debilitating anxiety associated with “burnout,” unexpected healing of physical ailments associated with anxiety, and generally improved mental and physical health.

The Insight Coaching experience includes diagnostics designed by Rick to help the client quickly focus on what is getting in their way of being all they can be. As part of the follow-up clients are encouraged to use “key indicators” that will help them to measure their results.

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